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How to choose suitable extruder machine?

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Most of new clients can’t find a suitable extruder machine, because they think the more output, the better, they don’t know whether it is good or not, even though they need pay more money. A good fit machine must considering the material, product quality and output. According to your budget, quality and effect requirement, you can choose a suitable extruder machine. I will introduce different type extruder machine as reference.

Plastic extruder is principally divided into twin-screw extruder and single screw extruder.

Single screw extruder presently the foremost wide used, appropriate for general material extrusion. From the event of single screw extruder, though in recent years, single-screw extruder has been higher, however with the compound materials and plastic merchandise, constant development, however additionally emerged additional new options and special single-screw extruder.

How to choose suitable extruder machine?

Twin-screw extruder because the heat generated by friction with fewer materials, ar additional uniform shear, screw transmission capability larger quantity of stable extrusion, the fabric stays within the machine barrel length, mix well.

Twin Screw Extruder characteristics, and for powder process, and also the quantitative relation of single-screw extruder have an improved admixture, exhaust, response and self-cleaning perform, characterised by poor thermal stability of the plastics process and Total admixture time additionally incontestable its superiority. In recent years foreign twin-screw extruder has been nice development in varied types of twin-screw extruder has been serialized and development, production corporations is bigger.


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