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How to find quality plastic extrusion machine suppliers?

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New plastic extrusion machine importers may wonder how could they import extrusion machine from China to their country. This article explains the whole process from selecting machine to shipping. Just follow our steps and start your own business.

Confirm your souring requirement

If you totally understand the extrusion machine you are going to buy, or you have technical staff, you can list your machine parts and requirement clearly. If you don’t know the data of machine, you may tell supplier to provide their solutions.

Choosing the right supplier

Doing your research online helps, but hiring an agent expert in assessing factory operations will be of great help. Or, try to visit the factory by yourself to gauge the quality of the services. Take a note of the engineering solutions, tools, quality control and cleaning standards to leverage the resources provided by the China suppliers as much as possible.

If you don’t find satisfying suppliers in American fairs and want to do compare more with other suppliers before you make the decision, then coming to China will be highly recommended.

Choosing the right manufacturing partner for your brand can save you a huge amount of headache. Due diligence is required at each step to get the best in machine quality, as after all, carefully sourced materials determine your company’s reputation and bottom line to a great degree. Keep your company’s nature and the supply chain’s policy in mind before moving ahead in your mission to find machine suppliers from China to make the products for your business.

Transaction safety

At last but not least, to make sure your transaction safety. No matter your partner is new or not, you need to do some risk prevention, even you can ask for third party to reduce your risks.


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