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Co-Rotating Parallel Tri-Screw Extruder

Compared with twin-screw extruder, tri-screw extruder has longer residence time, stronger mixing performance and lower energy consumption.

Tri-screw extruder is the new compounding machine depending on the double screw extruder .the screw was placing as one horizontal line and converting triangle shape.

Application of Tri-Screw Extruder

(Black/Color/Functional) Masterbatch, (High) Filling Compound, Engineering Plastic Compound.

Advantages of Tri-Screw Extruder

1) Less energy consumption

2) Better venting for the materials

3) Better compounding and less L/D can adapt high dispersion demand

4) Capacity can be higher than normal

Tri-Screw Extruder Technical Parameters List

Model Screw Speed Diameter L/D Power Capacity
TSE-52 600 rpm 51.4mm 36-52 90KW-132KW 500-1000kg/h
TSE-65 600 rpm 62.4mm 36-52 132KW-185KW 600-1000kg/h
TSE-75 600 rpm 71.0 mm 36-52 200KW-315KW 1000-3000kg/h


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